About Us

We are a Luxembourg based independent audit and accounting firm, established since 1996, providing a wide range of high quality services such as accounting for business and financial companies, taxation, VAT assistance and auditing and secretarial services.

Moreover we are happy to be based in a country being in the largest centre of the European Union, where many languages are widely spoken and authorities have flexible and responsible policies.

Recognized for our quality commitment, our clients benefit from our long time professional relationship with local and international authorities. As an independent organisation, we are flexible to cooperate with all the professionals chosen by our clients.

Our Services


  • Assistance in organisation of bookkeeping activities
  • Bookkeeping activities, monthly, quarterly and annual accounts
  • Analysis and drafting of annual accounts


  • Publications with the trade register


  • Our activities include the review of the annual accounts prepared by accountants
  • The final preparation of annual financial statements under the required format LuxGaap
  • Appointment as statutory auditor or auditor of liquidation of small and medium sized companies


  • Registration with local tax authorities
  • Preparing of all relevant tax returns, both corporate and private, and filing with local tax authorities
  • Preparing and filing monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns

Contact us

Fiduciaire Grand-Ducale SARL

60, avenue de la Faïencerie Luxembourg
L-1510 Luxembourg

Phone: (352) 24 12 95 1
Fax: (352) 24 14 16

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